How Long Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Last?


Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in Pennsylvania because they are affordable, versatile, and easy to install. Still, many homeowners wonder how long asphalt roof shingles last. Learn what factors affect the life expectancy of asphalt roofs and the superior performance of Owens Corning Duration® Series Shingles.

Factors Affecting Asphalt Roof Longevity

Asphalt roof shingles typically last 15 to 25 years, with manufacturer warranties that reflect this anticipated lifespan. Still, the longevity of your asphalt roof may vary depending on these factors:

  • Material quality: Not all asphalt shingles are created equal. High-quality shingles are more durable, have better granule adhesion, and offer superior resistance against weathering. Invest in quality asphalt shingles to extend the life of your roof and reduce the need for repairs or premature replacement.
  • Roof slope: The style of your roof affects how quickly it sheds water and debris. Steeper slopes encourage faster runoff, reducing the shingles’ exposure to moisture, while flat roofs can become soggy and wear out faster.
  • Attic insulation and ventilation: Attic conditions greatly affect the lifespan of your asphalt roof, so adequate insulation and ventilation are crucial. Without these characteristics, heat and moisture can build up in the summer, and ice dams become more common in the winter, deteriorating your shingles more quickly.
  • Installation quality: Proper installation is critical to the longevity of your asphalt roof. Hiring an inexperienced roofing company or attempting a DIY job could lead to shingle buckling, curling, or even premature failure, shortening your roof’s lifespan.
  • Climate factors: Roofing installed in areas with high winds, heavy snowfall, or intense sun may not last as long as roofs in more mild climates. Choosing asphalt shingles designed to withstand the Pennsylvania weather helps extend the life of your roof.
  • Shade vs. sun exposure: Asphalt shingles exposed to the unrelenting sun day in and day out tend to age faster due to UV radiation. On the other hand, roofs surrounded by shade trees may be more susceptible to algae growth and moisture damage.
  • Upkeep: A neglected roof is bound to wear out faster than a properly maintained one. Cleaning the gutters, removing debris, and addressing minor repairs can help your asphalt shingles last longer.

Owens Corning Duration® Series Shingles

Owens Corning is one of today’s most celebrated asphalt shingle manufacturers. Their Duration® Series Shingles come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are rated to last 50 years. These high-quality shingles boast enhanced triple-layer reinforcement in the nailing zone, superior wind resistance up to 130 mph, and numerous color and style options to boost your home’s curb appeal.

At Forest Knoll Construction, we understand that you want a durable, long-lasting roof. That’s why we proudly install high-performance Owens Corning asphalt shingles. Along with providing some of the highest quality roofing materials available, our roofers deliver outstanding installation services for a longer roof lifespan. Contact us today at 412-419-1386 to learn more about Owens Corning products and schedule a consultation for asphalt roof installation in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.